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The Hidden is a modern urban fantasy game powered by the Breathless RPG. It is inspired by such media as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Constantine  and The Dresden Files.

The World

As children our parents read us fairy tales, ghost stories and recounted local myths. We’ve always assumed these stories are told to entertain or scare....what if these aren't just stories....everything you have been told is true. 

The creatures from fairy tales, mythology and folklore all exist.  Have you ever thought you saw something strange out of the corner of your eye but when you look again all looks normal. These creatures live in plain sight, unseen by the majority of people, only those who know they exist see them in their true form. Every culture has a name for these creatures but we know them simply as The Hidden.

A handful of people are sworn to to keep order between humanity and mythology, they protect the innocent. These select few are known as The Guardians, you are one of them and are sworn to secrecy.

The Game

Renegades is a minimalist and rules-light Breathless game set in a modern urban fantasy where you play as The Guardians sworn to to keep order between humanity and mythology.


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